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Preserve Elder Ballou Cemetery

Blackstone River Watershed Council / Friends of the Blackstone

Our Mission: To restore, enhance and preserve the physical, historical and cultural integrity of the Blackstone River, its watershed and its eco-system, through public advocacy, education, recreation, stewardship and the promotion of our unique Blackstone Valley resource.

We are a Rhode Island non-profit organization dedicated to making the Blackstone River fishable and swimmable. Our programs are dedicated to protecting, preserving and enhancing the natural habitat of local river wildlife and creating recreational programs for the local residents to enjoy.

All of our programs provide opportunities to volunteer, including cleanups, education and work with local municipalities to bring this great river and its surrounding watersheds back to its natural and majestic state.

Latest News (click headline to read more)

Gallery- Pratt Dam Tubes with Blockages

Here is a recent state of the Pratt Dam tubes area with quite a bit of flotsam across the openings. Pictures were taken both in July and September 2018. We are looking to see when the next opportunity to work with the Army Corp of Engineers to lower the river and remove the debris. ” […]

Gallery- Native Mushrooms in the Blackstone River Watershed

Here are some 2018 pictures of local mushrooms found along the higher elevations of the watershed. The variety of species this year has been impressive. Click on each image to view the larger version, or view it as a slideshow.   If you can identify the type of mushroom, we’ll label it here. Send a […]

Check out our Fabulous Fall 2017 Edition Newsletter- Jam packed

Our Fabulous annual newsletter. Jam packed with fascinating stories and incredible pictures.  For your viewing pleasure. Don’t miss it!   View the 2016 Fall Edition of the Blackstone River Watershed Council / Friends of the Blackstone Newsletter Share on Facebook

Fly Fishing Workshop pictures

Check out the pictures from the Fly Fishing Workshop provided by the instructors from Trout Unlimited, Northern RI Chapter 737. This all-day workshop taught novice fisherman of all ages how to fly fish. [Show as slideshow] 12? Share on Facebook Share on Facebook

What to do when you find birds or wildlife in distress

Now that Spring is here, wildlife is out and about, and on the move. We all enjoy watching the birds and wildlife in our yards and in the wild. Here is an article that explains what to do should you encounter an injured or abandoned animal or bird. ———— What to do when you find […]

BRWC / FOB a national role model? Read it in the BRWC 2014 Newsletter

BRWC / FOB a national role model? Check it out now along with updates on our latest projects including the Petersen Puritan Superfund Site, Blackstone River Fish Passage Project, the August Savers Clothing Drive and a look back at the events held at the new BRWC / FOB Environmental Center.  It has been an incredibly […]

Great video explaining Stormwater and Water Cycling

Currently the City of Providence is unable to manage all of the rain it receives. Every year, stormwater carries an unhealthy amount of pollution into our waterways and causes flooding in our streets and basements. Much of Providence’s system of storm drains, catch basins and underground pipes hails back to the 19th century, when the […]

2013 BRWC / FOB Newsletter

Fish in the Classroom?  How in the world did we pull that one off?  Actually, Fish in the Classroom is just one of our local river educational / restoration programs.  Read more about this and all of our other activities this year inside of the latest edition of the Blackstone River Watershed Council / Friends […]

Japanese Knotweed War

I want to thank the people who have adopted an area. Chris, Elaine, Tom and Riverzedge. I know some of you have been out more than once. As soon as I can get some more of your pictures and learn how I will publish them. Share on Facebook

Earth Day Cleanup Details

Cleanup Details: This year for Earth Day we will be River and the Bikeway and may be able to get along the shoreline with canoes as well as on foot.  We are aiming to fill the entire dumpster supplied by Doug Vaughn. We are also still working on the River Brigade to fight knotweed. Keith […]

Current Projects (click headline to read more)

New Report- 5-Year Review Peterson / Puritan Superfund Site

The EPA and Army Corp of Engineers released its third 5-year report for the Peterson / Puritan, Inc. Superfund Site. The report covers Operable Unit-1 (OU-1).  View a copy of the 3rd 5-year Peterson/Puritan Superfund Site report. Share on Facebook

New Report- Scott Brook Project

We are pleased to share our progress report for the Scott Brook Project. The Scott Brook Project is a collaboration of three groups, The Blackstone River Watershed Council, The Cumberland Land Trust, and the Cumberland Conservation Commission. Under the authorization of the Town of Cumberland, the project so far has utilized 38 volunteers and over […]

Technical Reports now available- Peterson Puritan Superfund Site

EPA’s technical reports are being released and made available electronically on the web. The human health and ecological risk assessment reports (dated July 2011) are now available and can be found at the EPA superfund project site. Note: This link will take you  to the ecological and health risk assessments for the J.M. Mills Landfill […]

New program information- TAG Peterson / Puritan Superfund Project

The BRWC / FOB is working on a new environmental program at the Peterson / Puritan Superfund Site.  The history or the site, program details and map of the area is now available to review. View the program page for the Peterson / Puritan Superfund Site project View the map of the Peterson / Puritan […]

Fish Ladders Project- See the video

One of the big long term projects that the BRWC is working on. Today we no longer use many of the dams on the river that were built to power the economy. Many of these remain in place, continuing to not only block fish from their native spawning grounds, but keeping wildlife and people from […]