Peterson Puritan Superfund Site

Late in 2010, BRWC/FOB was awarded an EPA Technical Assistance Grant to enable its oversight of cleanup activities at the Peterson/Puritan Superfund site, an area encompassing approximately two miles of mixed industrial and residential property in Lincoln and Cumberland. The TAG funds provided for the hiring of an independent technical advisor to help the Council understand and evaluate the information to be developed by the EPA during the cleanup process. Under the agreement, BRWC/FOB is expected to disseminate information to the general public through such venues as meetings, newsletters and this website. View the map of the Peterson Puritan Superfund Site.

Update as of 8/9/2014:
The EPA has released a proposed cleanup plan for the site. There will be a public hearing held on August 21st at 6:30 p.m. at the Cumberland Public Library where questions and clarifications can be addressed. Please view the Peterson / Puritan Site Cleanup Proposal from the EPA.

Update as of 7/12/2013:
There is a new fact sheet, a new feasibility study and 2 new project documents available.

Update as of 10/16/2012:
The EPA and Army Corp of Engineers released its third 5-year report for the Operable Unit-1. The report covers Operable Unit-1 (OU-1). View a copy of the 3rd 5-year Peterson/Puritan Superfund Site report.

Update as of 09/08/2011:
EPA’s technical reports are being released and made available electronically on the web. The human health and ecological risk assessment reports (dated July 2011) are now available and can be found at the EPA superfund project site. Note: This link will take you  to the ecological and health risk assessments for the J.M. Mills Landfill (OU2) segment of the superfund site. The documents will be reviewed by BRWC/FOB and its advisors, the PRP group and RIDEM. One or more meetings will be scheduled to give the general public the opportunity to learn more and to weigh in on the decision-making process, as well as on the future of the site.
The history of this site, divided administratively into 3 areas known as Operable Units, and of EPA’s engagement with it can be found at

On June 30, 2011, BRWC/FOB’s TAG Committee (Alice Clemente, John Marsland, Sandra Belliveau, Joe Pailthorpe, and Frank Matta), our technical advisors, Paul Kulpa (RIDEM-OWM), and David Lang (PRP group representative) met with EPA’s David Newton (Remedial Project Manager) and Sarah White (Community Involvement Coordinator), first for a tour of the site’s J.M. Mills Landfill and associated parcels (also known as Operable Unit 2) and then for a follow-up meeting at the Cumberland Public Library.

During this meeting, David Newton reviewed the status of the CCL/PAC remediation area, also known as OU1, and answered questions about groundwater remediation in that segment of the site. He then reviewed the process to be followed at the J.M. Mills Landfill area (OU2). Once the relevant reports have been completed and distributed to BRWC/FOB’s TAG Committee, its technical advisors, the PRPs and RIDEM for review and comment, the public will be engaged in the process, first through BRWC/FOB’s outreach efforts and then through EPA’s own public meeting and comment period.

The technical report schedule will soon be finalized. Reports will be made available electronically on the web. EPA’s contact person for matters involving the Peterson/Puritan site’s technical issues is Sarah White.

Sarah White’s  contact information:


Phone: 617-918-1026

Fax: 617-918-0026
The Project Manager for BRWC/FOB is Alice Clemente, email: