Fish Ladders- Benefits

Powering the Rebirth of Our Mighty Blackstone
Bringing Migrating Fish Back to Our Valley
Project Benefits
Restoration of anadromous fish to the Blackstone River would provide substantial ecological benefits for the Blackstone River watershed and the Narragansett Bay Ecosystem, as well as economic benefits for the communities of the Blackstone Valley and beyond. Specifically, the re-established fish runs would provide:

  • Forage for valuable commercial and recreational fish species such as bluefish, striped bass, bass and pickerel
  • Forage for predatory birds such as waterfowl, wading birds, and osprey
  • Enhanced fishing opportunities for urban anglers
  • Educational opportunities and aesthetic benefits to visitors at Slater Mill and other areas
  • Enhanced opportunities for tourism and recreation in the Blackstone River Valley Heritage Corridor
What Can YOU Do?

  1. Contact your municipal and legislative officials to show support for the project.
  2. Give support to participating dam owners.
  3. Attend upcoming programs and information sessions
  4. Join the effort by e-mailing
Who are our partners on this project?