Fish Passage- Next Steps

Powering the Rebirth of Our Mighty Blackstone
Bringing Migrating Fish Back to Our Valley
What Now?
With improved water quality and the success of the Lonsdale Drive-in Wetland Restoration Project, breeding habitat is available, and the return of anadromous species is possible. The Blackstone is ready and beckoning. It is time that wild, native fish return to complete the Rebirth of Our River. With the help and support of our government, community organizations, and citizens, we can make our fish ladder project a reality.
Progress & Vision
In the past few months, members of the organizations involved have met with town, state, and federal officials, receiving support and commitment. We are actively seeking partnership with dam owners along the river to find options that are beneficial for all.
Phase 1: Complete the master plan focused on the first four dams (see map), and begin passage installation. Phase 2:Complete the goal of bringing shad, herring, and even salmon back to their native spawning grounds in Massachusetts by installing passage systems on the 4 dams between Valley Falls and the Massachusetts border.
What are the benefits of this project?