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The Friends of the Blackstone (FOB) was founded in 1990 and led the way by getting local residents involved in cleanups beginning with the Captain Wilbur Kelly House, now the centerpiece of the Blackstone River State Park. The largest cleanup involved 278 volunteers at multiple sites including the Fanning Wilderness Area in Valley Falls. This site turned into a multi-year project and required our removing 10,000 tires and tons of debris from the Valley Falls marsh.

The success of these cleanups revolved around partnerships with local residents, businesses, and governments at both the state and federal levels. The FOB also urged the RI Department of Environmental Management Fish and Wildlife Division to stock the river with trout and to begin a diadromous fish study to bring herring back to the Blackstone River by building a series of fish ladders from Pawtucket to Cumberland.

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Our Programs

The BRWC/FOB is the organization officially designated under Rhode Island State law to represent the environmental interests of the Blackstone River and its watershed. It has been our mission is to restore, enhance, and preserve the physical, historical and cultural integrity of the Blackstone River, its watershed and its eco-system through a variety of programs including water quality monitoring, outreach to youth in our community and partnering with others in order to accomplish mutual goals and objectives.  Coming soon – Look for our ‘Wild Watch’ page!

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Riverlutionists Make a Huge Difference

By volunteering for one of our cleanups, or offering to support the water quality monitoring program or helping to lead a group of school children on a canoe trip, you’ll become a vital part of our community. Dedicated volunteers are rewarded by knowing that they have made a difference not only in their community but to their environment.

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You Can Help

Becoming a member is like making a financial gift to BRWC/FOB and is an effective way to join the riverlution. All donations fund BRWC/FOB activities and not salaries or benefits because we are an all-volunteer organization. Our members and donors fund our fight to keep our river and watersheds clean and hold polluters accountable.

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June 29 Pratt Dam (the Tubes) cleanup Project update: We are moving this event out to the end of June.  We continue to monitor...
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July 13 Water Quality Testing Nick Wentzell, Field Coordinator
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July 13 Connect with Canoes Please call Bob Charpentier (401-688-4416) to confirm; weather dependent