About Us

Josh worked for volunteers from the Blackstone River Watershed Council to remove this buried debris

Josh is a BRWC/FOB board member and volunteer

We offer river programs and volunteer opportunities for you

Educational programs | volunteer opportunities | river restoration & cleanup activities | water quality monitoring

Our programs provide opportunities to: get on the river (canoe, kayak, fish, Explore!), volunteer for our stewardship projects, get outside, learn from and partner with local organizations and municipalities to bring this great river and its surrounding watershed back to its natural state.  Our programs are dedicated to protecting, preserving and enhancing the natural habitat of local river wildlife and creating recreational programs for the local residents to enjoy. We also work to connect people with the local and natural history of the river and its surrounding area.

BRWC/FOB officially designated by law to represent the Blackstone River

The Blackstone River Watershed Council/Friends of the Blackstone is the organization officially designated under Rhode Island State law to represent the environmental interests of the Blackstone River and its watershed.  We are empowered to testify before local and state hearings on issues affecting the watershed. For almost 30 years, our non-profit organization has been dedicated to restoring the Blackstone River as well as offering the community volunteer opportunities and river programs designed to get you connected with the river.

Our Mission

The mission of BRWC/FOB is to restore, enhance and preserve the physical, historical and cultural integrity of the Blackstone River, its watershed and its eco-system, through public advocacy, education, recreation, stewardship and the promotion of our unique Blackstone Valley resource.

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Our Board Members and Advisors

John Marsland
President and Founder
Water Quality testing RI Team Field Coordinator Nick Wentzell
Nick Wentzell
Vice President
Meng Zhang
Cris Sherman
Frank Matta
Past President
Kevin Burns
Alice Clemente
Bob Charpentier
Judy Hadley
Keith Hainley
Director, River Restoration Coordinator
Francine Jackson Director Blackstone River Watershed Council
Francine Jackson
Vin Mancini
Arthur Plitt
Luke Thorpe
Randy Tuomisto
Juan Victor Rojas
Suzanne Matta
Ray Pado
Director [May 2009 - August 2019]