With the help of partnerships and the hard work of volunteers, the Blackstone River has made a huge comeback. Let’s be proud of this fact and what the work of volunteers can accomplish. John Marsland, President


JOIN THE RIVERLUTION! If your financial contributions to the Blackstone River Watershed Council/Friends of the Blackstone is our lifeline, then your gift of time is absolutely priceless. By volunteering for one of our cleanups, or offering to support the water quality monitoring program or helping to lead a group of school children on a canoe trip, you’ll become a vital part of our community. Dedicated volunteers are rewarded by knowing that they have made a difference not only in their community but to their environment.

For high school students who need to complete community service hours, we offer programs to assist you in meeting your requirements.

Riverlution – Get Involved!

There are many ways you can help:
  • Create a Club – See Create a Club and Partner with BRWC/FOB below
  • Participate in our clean-up events – See Project Registration Form below
  • Water Quality Monitoring – learn more
  • My Mile: Adopt a mile of the Blackstone River Bikeway: The Blackstone River Bikeway is the state’s second-longest bike path, with 16.5 miles of bikeway – which includes 11.6 miles of continuous path from Cumberland to Woonsocket and 4.7 miles of on and off-road bikeway from Pawtucket to Providence. Adopt a segment of the bikeway between Woonsocket and Cumberland.
  • Blackstone River bikeway**
  • My Mile: Adopt a mile of the Blackstone River bikeway**
  • Canal cleanup*
  • Earth Day cleanup**
  • Heritage Park cleanup*
  • Invasive Plants Remediation*
  • Pratt Dam*
  • River Island Park cleanup*
  • Scotts Pond cleanup*
  • Teachable Moments – contact Judy at BRWCFOB@gmail.com if you have a topic you would like to present to our group or if you are interested in hearing about a particular topic.
  • Valley Falls Pond cleanup*
  • Yellow Bag Day**
  • General river and watershed cleanup

** these cleanups can be undertaken on your own after your orientation

* for these cleanups you will work alongside BRWC folks

Join the Riverlution! - Project Registration Form

    ** these cleanups can be undertaken on your own after your orientation * for these cleanups you will work alongside BRWC folks

Create a Club and Partner with BRWC/FOB

Get your club on its way to becoming river stewards by following these 4 steps:

Step 1: Register your group!
Find club members and get excited about becoming ambassadors for the Blackstone River Watershed Council/FOB. Use the form below to register your Club with us.

Step 2: Get Oriented
Once your club is registered, we will set up an orientation for your members at our Environmental Center in Lincoln RI. It’s our chance to get acquainted with your group, give you any supplies you will need, plus sign you up for our project-related insurance, Volunteer-in-Parks sign-in if needed, and give you some ‘best practices’ to make your project a complete success.

Step 3: Complete your Project
When your club is ready to start, select and complete a project from the Riverlution – Get Involved page or, if you have another idea for a project, we will be happy to work with you on it. Remember to take pictures of your adventures along the way!

Step 4: Share it!
For every project your club completes, fill out a Share it! project completion form below. We will post your accomplishments on our website to promote you and your group.

Club Registration Form

Interested in partnering with us to further the mission of BRWC/FOB? Please have your club leader register your club with us using the following form.

For more information, email us at BRWCFOB@gmail.com.


Have you finished a project with your club and are ready to share it with everyone? Please fill out the following information with as much detail as possible so that we can post your experiences onto our website.

Club BRWC/FOB – Project Completion Reporting Form

  • (Example: "Reclaiming Land for Native Plants: Invasive Plants Begone!"; "Cleaning the River One Ball at a Time"; "Plastic Bags: A Scourge Removed from the River")
  • Please upload a few photos from the day - this will enhance your blog post! Photos will be used on the BRWC website and Instagram account (@needaccount). IMPORTANT Please use this format for photos: "School_or_Club_Event Date_Picture#".
  • FirstLast 
  • (example: 8 of us met at the Heritage Park at 9 a.m. There was quite a bit of trash but we tackled it and bagged it for pickup. We had 4 bags of trash! We also found part of a bike and a tire someone had left there. It’s clean now, looks great and we had fun doing it. Plus several of us get service hours towards graduation requirements! )