Volunteers are always needed for the Blackstone River Watershed Council

If your financial contributions to the Blackstone River Watershed Council/Friends of the Blackstone is our lifeline, then your gift of time is absolutely priceless.  Volunteers are always needed for the BRWC/FOB. You can volunteer for a cleanup, support our Water Quality Monitoring program or help lead a group of students on a river trip, and you’ll become a vital part of our community. Dedicated volunteers are rewarded by knowing that they have made a difference not only in their community but to their environment.

For high school students who need to complete community service hours, we offer programs to assist you in meeting your requirements.

Anybody can volunteer and we really appreciate it, because you can’t make more hands. What I can do by myself is limited, but what I can do with the help of other people is great.

Keith Hainley, Director BRWC/FOB

Volunteers are needed for these types of projects:

  • Blue Mind‘ site improvements at our Lincoln location
  • Water Quality Monitoring*
  • Canal cleanup*
  • Earth Day cleanup**
  • Heritage Park cleanup*
  • Invasive Plants Remediation*
  • River Island Park cleanup*
  • Yellow Bag Day**
  • Scott Pond cleanup*
  • General river or watershed cleanup*
  • Valley Falls Pond cleanup*
  • Create a Club – See Create a Club and Partner with BRWC/FOB below
  • My Mile: Adopt a mile of the Blackstone River Bikeway: Bike trail map  

** these cleanups can be undertaken on your own after your orientation
* for these cleanups you will work alongside BRWC folks

Join the Riverlution! - Project Registration Form

    ** these cleanups can be undertaken on your own after your orientation * for these cleanups you will work alongside BRWC folks
  • By answering the above question you can help us better understand where our supporters are coming from. From that, we can target our limited resources in those areas. Thank you for helping us.

Other ways you can volunteer include ‘Create a Club’

Volunteers always needed to help BRWC/FOB

Chimney Hill Club volunteers

Get your club on its way to becoming river stewards by following these 4 steps:

Step 1: Register your group!
Find club members and get excited about becoming ambassadors for the Blackstone River Watershed Council/FOB. Use the form below to register your Club with us.

Step 2: Get Oriented
Once your club is registered, we will set up an orientation for your members at our Environmental Center in Lincoln RI. It’s our chance to get acquainted with your group, give you any supplies you will need, plus sign you up for our project-related insurance, Volunteer-in-Parks sign-in if needed, and give you some ‘best practices’ to make your project a complete success.

Step 3: Complete your Project
When your club is ready to start, select and complete a project from the Riverlution – Get Involved page or, if you have another idea for a project, we will be happy to work with you on it. Remember to take pictures of your adventures along the way!

Step 4: Share it!
For every project your club completes, fill out a Share it! project completion form below. We will post your accomplishments on our website to promote you and your group.