Fishing in the Blackstone

People often ask us about fishing in the Blackstone River. They want to know if there are any limitations or things people should know. Here are a few considerations: This year (2020) opening day for fishing in the Blackstone River is April 11 beginning at 6 a.m. The season continues until the last day in February.  Please note that the Cumberland and Lincoln sections of the river are stocked with trout prior to opening day.  These newly introduced trout need to have a chance to establish themselves. Consequently, fishing in the Blackstone is off-limits from March 1 until opening day. For more state information and answers to FAQ, go to RI.GOV/DEM/HUNTFISH.

Where to fish

If you’re looking for a place to go fishing on the river, check out our Explore the River page.  On Explore you will find a number of places where there is easy access to the river.  Remember, however, that the Blackstone River is a ‘carry-on’ only river. Per DEM regulations, motor boats are not allowed on the river with very few exceptions.  The Clean Water Act mandated the ‘do no further harm’ standard for the river, and power boats would go against this mandate. One of the many possible sources of river impact is recreational boating. Impacts such as fuel and exhaust emissions, disturbance of vegetation and wake-induced shoreline erosion are just some of the issues that negatively impact an already compromised river. The biggest concern, however, is disturbance of bottom sediments such as heavy metals which could negatively impact aquatic life in the river.

As stewards of the river, we want people to enjoy its beauty but do so responsibly. So get your canoe or kayak and get on the river. Guaranteed you will see more wildlife by paddling than you would ever see using a motor boat. Also, one can more easily enjoy the serenity of the river when you can hear the call of nature and smell the fresh air. Be sure to take photos and share them with us at If you prefer, post your photos on Facebook or on Twitter and Instagram. 

Enjoy the season and we look forward to seeing you on the river.