What volunteers can accomplish

Our organization is extremely fortunate to have a cadre of volunteers who can always be relied upon to help with a Blackstone River project.

First, we have the Valley Boys. This is a group from the Valley Falls section of Cumberland, who have been volunteering for BRWC/FOB projects for many years. In their time, they have helped to remove more than 25,000 tires from the river and its watershed.  Yes, I said 25,000. They like a challenge and never shy away from getting dirty. This is perfect because most of our cleanups are in areas of the river and watershed that are difficult to get to and require trudging through thick vegetation or mud. They do it with a smile on their face. We appreciate their commitment and volunteerism.

Second, there is Paul Swack. Paul showed up at a cleanup event and has been a staple ever since. He is amazingly congenial and hard working. He finds things to do around our headquarters and manages to keep himself very busy. He is a volunteer extraordinaire.

Third are the people who volunteer through our website and show up at a cleanup event. When we put out the call that we need help, they show up ready to get to work.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. We wouldn’t be here without you!